Rabu, 09 November 2011

where's your heart at?

you know rains has so much advantage too us,it make we alive make our river alive make our plant alive. i'm pitied with the country that lack water,seeing children,eldest and creatures that life in there it's to pitiful to see.

i know there a lot people that not lucky as me. why God must do that to a human that doesn't have mistakes like they-maybe. if i become a doctor then i will flight to a country that doesn't have much water and food so they never starve again and life like a real human.
i think people just waste water and food and never look back to the others that REALLY need that. where's a good people? where? where are they? 
they that lucky have a good education and this children-maybe-never have any education. will you teach them how to read? how to write? how to calculate? will you?
if me become a success doctor i would teach them how to read,how to write,how to calculate. why i want do that because i want they become a real human,become a luckiest person,a smartest person,and have a good attitude and manner
i'm standing at the sea then the wind will blow the kind of unlucky gone and the little star will guide you to the right way to be a lucky person. don't lose your spirit keep your spirit like a flames be a rigid person and never regret anything that happen to you no matter what . let's dream everyday hope everything and try to reach your dreams and your hopes becomes true. GOD always in you're side no matter what. just believe in your God .

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